You see them every day.  They protect our streets, our homes and our country.  Day and night, 365 days a year, they immediately respond to calls for help placed at the worst moments of people’s lives. They leave their families for months on end, not knowing if they are going to return home from foreign shores. 

They often miss the moments in life that we all hold close to our hearts; Birthdays, holiday celebrations, the first smiles, words or steps of their little ones, graduations, or even the births of their own children. 

When that uniform goes on,

Their families share their heroes with strangers. 

Every time that hero walks out the door to selflessly serve their community and their country, they hug and kiss their loved ones, vividly aware every single time that it may be the last time they ever see their beloved and the last kiss or hug they ever get. 

heroes do not get to slack off if they are having a bad day at work.  Every 911 call, each and every mission assigned must be given 110%.  There is no room for error.  A mistake may cost a life.  The life of their patient, their partner or themselves.    

Ordinary everyday life does not stop for heroes.  You may see them in line at the grocery store or the bank.  Trying to manage their lives in the precious few hours in between back to back shifts or while they are home on leave.  You can see the fatigue on their faces and something deeper in their eyes.

Most heroes love to tell stories…especially the funny ones.  But do not ask them what the worst thing they have ever seen is.  Those experiences would bring the strongest of men to their knees.  Their life’s work is running into other people’s worst nightmares.

Everyone has been helped by a hero.  It can be the Police Officer who guides you safely through an intersection when the traffic light is out.  The Firefighter who charges into a burning building to rescue your loved ones, save your pets or salvage a few precious mementos.  The EMT and Paramedic who literally breathes life back into the one you love’s heart that has stopped beating.  The 911 Dispatcher whose calm voice is your most important lifeline when you dial those three numbers, talking you through your experience until help arrives.  

These heroes put their lives on the line every day. 

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